The Drowned Earth

Created by James Baldwin

The Drowned Earth
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£45,898.00 / 507 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: April 2018
Wayfarers legacy square thumb
Wayfarers Starter Faction (5 models)
This motley crew of miscreants are the Wayfarers, the mercenaries and hired guns of The Drowned E... more »
Bondsmen legacy square thumb
Starter Crew
A starter crew comprising four white metal miniatures on 30mm bases and one white metal miniature... more »
Fhosk legacy square thumb
Large Single Minis
Your choice of Sage, Fancagne, Hosk or Ranelle- the big guys! Each white metal miniature is s... more »
Flissz legacy square thumb
Regular Single Minis- Supplemental
Your choice of Lissz and/or Limossk, larger than life, but still supplied on a 30mm base.
Mjuch legacy square thumb
Regular Single Minis
Please select your option from the dropdown window. Your choice of regular sized infantry model, ... more »
Zokal portrait colour legacy square thumb
Lliana Miniature
Lliana, the "Choose your own Adventurer" model from our Kickstarter campaign, designed by the bac... more »
Screen 20shot 202017 09 09 20at 2016.34.37 legacy square thumb
Printed Rulebook
Full colour, packed not only with the rules of the game but beautiful artwork and a detailed desc... more »
Raptors legacy square thumb
Yuttaraptors (Pack of 2 on 40mm bases)
Two large white metal dinosaur models supplied with a profile card and 40mm bases. Fast, agil... more »
Screen 20shot 202017 06 18 20at 2012.39.20 legacy square thumb
Oviraptors (pack of 2)
Two white metal dinosaur models supplied with a profile card and 30mm bases. Small and viciou... more »
Screen 20shot 202017 04 06 20at 2008.26.23 legacy square thumb
Dilosors (Pack of 2)
Two white metal dinosaur models supplied with a profile card and 30mm bases. Dilosaurs are fa... more »
Ks image20170516 3 1s6psi1 legacy square thumb
Domeheads (pack of 2 on 30mm bases)
Two white metal dinosaur models supplied with a profile card and 30mm bases. With a powerful ... more »
Nix raptor legacy square thumb
Nix Mounted
As if Nix wasn't deadly enough, put her on the back of a Yuttaraptor for a terrifying combination... more »
Screenshot 2017 09 12 10.20.38 legacy square thumb
Kaneda Mounted
Please note the the artwork for this model is Work in Progress! The sculpt is being made as we s... more »
Img 0782 legacy square thumb
Dice Pack (6 pieces- 1 attribute, 1 Feat and 4 Armour dice)
A set of seven custom dice made in fonts and colours to match The Drowned Earth rulebook. Don't f... more »
Ks image20170516 3 1xjf8wb legacy square thumb
Templates Set
All made in laser cut acrylic, a full set of TDE templates.
Ks image20170516 3 1392uy8 legacy square thumb
Tokens Set A
24 laser cut acrylic tokens: 12 Action Point tokens and 12 Wound tokens.
Ks image20170516 3 1cn95zn legacy square thumb
Tokens Set B
Condition tokens: Swim, Prone, Stealth and Flame tokens. All in laser cut MDF.
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